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Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac

"The Ci1 tool is even more
awesome than I expected!"
- Jeff

Top rated
Customer One-on-One453 viewsCraig Jackson giving some one-on-one instruction at the Lexington Woodcraft on Sunday, 8/15/10.
(4 votes)
Walnut Burl292 viewsMade with Easy Wood Tools including the Ci3 h5 Easy Hollower!
(4 votes)
Max turning wine stoppers540 viewsMax turning with the Mini Series Tools from Easy Wood Tools
(4 votes)
Dale Gillaspy1229 views
(4 votes)
Charlie, St. George, Utah2144 viewsCharlie, St. George, Utah
(6 votes)
Max, his tools and his Art916 viewsMax says that the easywood tools make his woodturning better and faster than with his other tools.
(3 votes)
Craig with Ray Lanham's Artwork1167 viewsRay Lanham did a step by step instruction article on how he made this bowl using Easy Wood Tools. Watch for it in the upcoming months!
(3 votes)
The Club House1882 viewsThe Club House
Cleveland, Ohio

(7 votes)
Robert Matlack at his lathe1748 viewsI am emailing for my father, Robert Matlack who recently purchased a set of your tools. He asked me to send you these photos of some of the things he makes him turning with his new set of tools. He sits to use his lathe as he had polio when he was a small boy and his legs and feet were badly damaged. He enjoys turning and has made hundreds of wonderful gifts for his family and friends along with turnings to sell. ~Janelle Thompson
(5 votes)
Close up of the Ci2m Mini Rougher 789 viewsCi2m Mini Rougher
(4 votes)
Ron Thomas - Jewlery Box438 viewsClose up. Although he didn't use Easy Wood Tools on this project, it sure is nice.
(3 votes)
Bob Kennedy Segmented Bowl 220 views"Twins"
(2 votes)
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