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Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac

"The Ci1 tool is even more
awesome than I expected!"
- Jeff

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Alan Carter1353 viewsAn Odd Pair.
The vessel exteriors were turned mainly using the rougher and finisher. The finials were done mostly with the small finisher, except where the details were too complex and I used a spindle gouge. The spindles for "An Odd Pair" are about 1/16" in diameter and were turned very carefully using the mini finisher. I couldn't do much with the interiors because of the small size of the openings, but I was able to use the mini finisher on the redwood burl.

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Bowl by Max685 views
(2 votes)
Blue Gum1785 viewsNeil in Australia
(2 votes)
Heather's Salt & Pepper Mills805 views
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Utah Woodturning Symposium 2009236 viewsUtah Woodturning Symposium 2009
(2 votes)
Ci1 Easy Rougher Action Shots217 viewsCi1 Easy Rougher Action Shots
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James Brown 661 viewsBottle Stopper
(1 votes)
Max at the lathe with his Ci3 Mini Finisher983 views
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The Clubhouse 813 viewsHere are a series of new pictures from a recent show we do once a year. We are a small shop (three people). We use your tools every day for both bowls and spindle turning. Your tools are time saving and extremely safe on large bowls. Thanks for showing some of our work on your web site.

The Clubhouse
Cleveland. Ohio

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Close up of the Ci3m Mini Finisher861 viewsCi3m Mini Finisher

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Coming Soon! The 3/8" Chip Deflector684 viewsCi2m Mini Rougher shown with 3/8" Lexan Chip Deflector accessory (available soon).
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Segmented Hollow Form364 viewsMade with Easy Wood Tools including the Ci3 h5 Easy Hollower!
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