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Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac

"The Ci1 tool is even more
awesome than I expected!"
- Jeff

Top rated
Square bowl by Max664 views
(3 votes)
Richard Hanson Segmented Bowl603 viewsMaple, cherry, walnut, catalpa segmented bowl
(5 votes)
Max Greenway - Natural Edge Bowl329 views
(4 votes)
Utah Woodturning Symposium 2009241 viewsUtah Woodturning Symposium 2009
(4 votes)
Gifts208 viewsOur customers have been very generous in sharing their projects with us. He's a variety of gifts we have been given over the past few years. Champagne glasses, charcoal art, apple, natural edge bowl, magnifying glass, goblet. Hopefully this collection will inspire you with ideas about what you can make with Easy Wood Tools
(2 votes)
Eric Geist1261 viewsCedar budvase
(2 votes)
The Club House1804 viewsThe Club House
Cleveland, Ohio

(6 votes)
Joe Dawson's Goblets615 viewsHere is a picture of some goblets I made with my Easy Wood tools. The easy woods were the only tools used.
I have found that the detailing tool and finisher can be used to hollow, and do a very nice Job, faster than the old way. I did use one other tool - a parting tool.
Like I said before Love my Easy wood tools.
Best money I ever spent.
--> Joe Dawson <--

(3 votes)
Hollow form446 viewsMade with Easy Wood Tools
(3 votes)
Cherry with Aluminum Finial BY Leo Frilot320 viewsCHECK IT OUT - METAL WOODTURNING WITH EASY WOOD TOOLS!
Ask Leo about it!! Awesome!

(3 votes)
The Clubhouse 821 viewsHere are a series of new pictures from a recent show we do once a year. We are a small shop (three people). We use your tools every day for both bowls and spindle turning. Your tools are time saving and extremely safe on large bowls. Thanks for showing some of our work on your web site.

The Clubhouse
Cleveland. Ohio

(3 votes)
Blue Gum Bowl Blanks1519 viewsNeil in Australia
(4 votes)
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