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Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac

"The Ci1 tool is even more
awesome than I expected!"
- Jeff

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115 files, last one added on May 18, 2012

Max Greenway's Work


22 files, last one added on Sep 20, 2010

Leo Frilot


9 files, last one added on Sep 13, 2010

Robin Costelle


20 files, last one added on Nov 11, 2010

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Random files - Customer Artwork
Sharing a craft626 views
Richard Hanson671 viewsCherry, Walnut, Hickory segmented
Our creative customers684 viewsThe names and faces have been hidden to protect the innocent. These are some photos taken after a very successful "quick draw and speed turning" competition. This turner took first place in the C.I.U.S.T. class (Carbide Insert - Unlimited Speed Turning). As you can see the tool holsters are color coded for both the Crimson Goddess (Ci0) and Princess Anita (Ci1). A full set of backup tools and inserts are allowed for each contestant. Obviously with EWT they were not needed. Other tool users were not so lucky! Although a set of Ci3m's "Peanut" were available they were not needed this time. In the past they have been fearsome competitors. I can't thank you enough for supplying these tools. I have moved from a "also ran" to a top winner in state, regional and national competitions, thanks to EWT.
Alan Carter650 viewsRedwood burl suspended vessel with detail.
The vessel exteriors were turned mainly using the rougher and finisher. The finials were done mostly with the small finisher, except where the details were too complex and I used a spindle gouge.
Heather's Salt & Pepper Mills714 views
The Club House1858 viewsThe Club House
Cleveland, Ohio
Emerging bowl - Leo Frilot355 viewsLeo uses Easy Wood Tools products
The Clubhouse 839 viewsHere are a series of new pictures from a recent show we do once a year. We are a small shop (three people). We use your tools every day for both bowls and spindle turning. Your tools are time saving and extremely safe on large bowls. Thanks for showing some of our work on your web site.

The Clubhouse
Cleveland. Ohio

Last additions - Customer Artwork
Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac323 viewsHere is the platter that Tommy turned on Season 2 Rough CutMay 18, 2012
Nick Cook386 viewsCoffee scoop and salt shaker
Kentucky shaped burl backdrop
May 18, 2012
Chris Pytlik432 viewsMay 18, 2012
Robin Costelle and Leo Frilot434 viewsMay 18, 2012
Robin Costelle and Ron Thomas462 viewsMay 18, 2012
Ron Thomas - Jewlery Box438 viewsClose up. Although he didn't use Easy Wood Tools on this project, it sure is nice.May 18, 2012
Ron Thomas - Jewlery Box428 viewsOther things you can make.May 18, 2012
Ron Thomas - Jewlery Box 375 viewsAlthough he didn't use Easy Wood Tools on this Box, It sure is pretty! Thanks Ron!May 18, 2012

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